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Profielnorm supports MAF

More than just making profit


Profielnorm believes it is important to also support fellow human beings in need. We look beyond just making profit and support multiple charities, including Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF), Woord & Daad, and Christians for Israel.

Profielnorm looks further than just making profit

Profielnorm believes it is important to also support fellow human beings in need. That is why we financially support several charities. One of the charities is Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF). This organisation provides help and brings the gospel to people in hard-to-reach areas.

Why Missionary Aviation Fellowship?

MAF is there for people who live in remote areas. With 130 aircraft and means of communication, MAF makes them accessible for emergency aid and the gospel. More than 1,000 (aid) organisations work faster, more efficiently, and more safely thanks to MAF. Every 5 minutes a plane takes off somewhere in the world to offer help.

Every second counts

People rely on MAF in a disaster, epidemic, or medical emergency. The roads are often bad and impassable in the rainy season, this makes it necessary for MAF to fly to the destinations. Villages are far apart or there are even no accessible roads. MAF then flies over it. In addition, a 9-hour drive is equivalent to a 45-minute flight with a MAF plane. The risk of attacks or robberies is also very high and makes road transport risky. For all these reasons, people choose MAF.

MAF believes that all people should be reached with God’s love.

As the largest non-profit airline company, MAF aims to help everyone where help and goods are difficult to obtain. MAF does this through the air, over roads, and over water. Help should be accessible to everyone, and no one should be unreachable. That is what MAF stands for.

MAF had aircraft that are deployed in 30 different countries where support is provided to aid organisations. With aircraft, technology, communication, and medical specialists, they make the unattainable accessible and offer advice and support in areas where this is not self-evident.

Profielnorm supports 6 MAF families abroad. In addition, Profielnorm supports various individual projects every year.

Other charities

In addition to the MAF, Profielnorm also supports other charities. For example, we support Woord & Daad and Christians for Israel.


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