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The Column Systeem ® mezzanines of Profielnorm

Column System® of Profielnorm allows you to maximize savings. Why would you invest in a new company building when you can double the available square feet in your current location? The mezzanines of Column System® have countless applications. Without resorting to remodeling or construction you suddenly find yourself having extra storage space, office space, a showroom or room for manufacturing. The possibilities are endless!

The Column System® mezzanine comes as a kit consisting of steel columns, cold-rolled steel profiles, flooring, and accessories. A construction crew mounts the floor on-site according to customer specifications as well as official regulations.

Column System® floors carry the CE-label. This means that the floors are compliant with an independent standard. The mezzanines of Column System® span up to 18 meters and are capable of bearing loads of up to 4000 kg/m2.

The advantages of the Column System® mezzanine

Savings. Renting a temporary facility costs an average of € 40 to € 60 per square meter. Costs for moving as well as utilities are not even incorporated in this figure. The Column System® mezzanine costs from € 80 per square meter. This means that in less than 1.5 years you will have paid for the mezzanine.

Tailor-made solutions. Do you want one floor or two? It is all possible. Column System® is flexible and can be adjusted to your demands in infinite ways. It is up to you to determine the number of stairways that will be built into the floor and where. You decide on the amount of space between floor and ceiling.

Many applications. It is up to you what your Column System® mezzanine will be used for. The floor systems are applicable in any work environment.

Flexibility. It is extremely easy to expand the mezzanine later or to relocate it to another site. You want an extra floor on top of your existing Column System® mezzanine or remodel the current one? It is all possible.


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