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What does an industrial mezzanine cost?

Would you like to know the prices of an industrial mezzanine? We have created a useful comparison in which we compare the costs of an industrial mezzanine with the costs of moving to a new, larger building. This way, you can easily see which advantages and disadvantages in terms of costs there are in both options. We have also listed a number of advantages of a mezzanine from Profielnorm.

Prices of a mezzanine

You can buy a mezzanine from 80 euros (excluding VAT) per square meter. These are one-off costs, because you of course only pay once for the mezzanine. There are also no other additional costs involved, unless you later choose to install another mezzanine or add extra accessories. On average, it only takes a year and a half to earn the mezzanine back. Next to this, you do not have to worry about the process of buying a mezzanine. If your wishes are known to us, we arrange the whole process for you. This way you are completely relieved and you doubled floor space in a short time.

Moving or a mezzanine?

You might be thinking of moving to another building for your company because you need more space. In this case, an industrial mezzanine can be the perfect solution. In a relatively short time, we can double or even triple the available space in your business building. Wouldn’t it be great to double the available space in your warehouse? Moving from your current business building to a new, larger business building costs an average of 40 to 60 euros (excluding VAT) per square meter per month. There are also one-off relocation costs and monthly costs for gas/water/light. The differences in costs between moving and a mezzanine in short:
  • Moving to another building:
    • 40 to 60 euros (excluding VAT) per square meter each year;
    • One-off relocation costs;
    • Monthly costs for gas/water/light.
  • A new mezzanine:
    • From 80 euros (excluding VAT) per square meter, only once;
    • No additional costs.

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The just mentioned prices are average prices. Every business building and everyone’s wishes are different. This requires a diverse approach. The costs of having a mezzanine installed in your business building can therefore be slightly higher or lower than the above prices. A convenient and quick way to calculate the exact price for a mezzanine is to use our online price calculator. Click on the button at the bottom of this page, fill in all the necessary information and receive a personal quote. In this way you can quickly have a concrete and personal cost overview for your mezzanine.

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Profielnorm for your mezzanine

All our mezzanines are CE-Certified. This means that the floors are of proven quality. You will receive a personal quotation free of charge and the assembly of the mezzanine can be done by our experienced installers. Your mezzanine will be finished in a high-quality RAL color of your choice. In addition, our mezzanines have column grids up to 18 meters and a load capacity up to 4,000 kg/m2.

Next to the interesting prices, there are many more advantages of a mezzanine from Profielnorm. For example, we think along with you in the design, we give personal advice without obligation, our own employees will assemble your mezzanine in your business building and we provide an annual inspection for your mezzanine. A mezzanine is an affordable, yet a value-enhancing investment for your industrial building.

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